New Way system Therapy

What are its basic features and how does the approach to the treatment of health differ from classical chiropractic and other treatments?

1. Comprehensiveness – all aspects – spiritual, mental and physical – in the pursuit of equivalence and balance are included in the effort to restore lost health.

2. Responsibility – for life and health is clearly taken over by the patient himself, without relying too much on someone else.

3. Emphasis – on attributing everything to the right source, where the individual truly recognizes that the absolute source of his life and health is within his own.

4. Health - is a desirable condition and one of the most fundamental differences in the approach to the solution is that the New Way system focuses primarily only on health and building health in terms of “ who is healthy - is not sick “.

5. From the inside outward – is the only right direction of functioning and effect of health and real life, which needs to be mastered by the patient, but also by the therapist, so that the result of the treatment can be really positive in the long run.

6. The cause – patients as well as therapists, who very fundamentally take into account the spiritual factors of any conditions and processes of an individual's life.

7. Understanding and patience – a spiritually, mentally and physically demanding endeavour that really leads to lasting results, without too much risk of regression.

An essential feature of the New Way system is the real gentleness, sensitivity and consideration of the therapist, and only such a therapist is really the right one - I ask everyone involved to see to it that this happens.

The Absolute Source of Knowledge - Truth and True Life is within each of us, but it is also now included in the books of the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, which I bring to the attention to all of you who desire for knowledge and of free will seek of the Truth.

Conditions to be optimally approached by a New Way therapist who wants to become a world-class expert:

– it is appropriate for him to be clearly healthier than the patient himself.

– it is appropriate to have a deep knowledge of the laws and principles of real life and knowledge of the system of functioning of health, so that he can make corrections in that system

– needs to have a loving, wise and highly individual approach to individual patients

– needs to be technically skilled, gentle, sensitive and able to use New Way system techniques in the right way

Conditions to which the patient, who wants to positively solve long-term and seemingly unsolvable health problems needs to be approached in the optimal case:

– he needs to acknowledge in the first place that he is really ill

– needs to take personal responsibility for his condition

– he needs to show a great desire for health and a deep inner faith in healing

– needs to gain proper knowledge of real life and understand how health works

– he needs to patiently and gradually put in order all aspects of his life – spiritual, mental and physical, using all available and appropriate medical and alternative treatments, and proper regular exercise is also very important.

At first glance, it would seem that, compared to classical chiropractic, this whole New Way system is too demanding and places too many demands on the patient and the therapist, but we need to take into account critical conditions that should be resolved in many cases – they really need great determination and energy – such that positive change takes place on a long-term basis, taking, of course, with great humility into account the temporality of the human body.

All the efforts and attitudes outlined above are positive in nature and have positive consequences and results. An individual who goes in this direction becomes more responsible, healthier and happier and has a great desire to maintain and constantly improve this condition. Seeing and experiencing this together with you is the most beautiful part of our work. We are very happy about it, because “your relief and your happiness are our blessing”.


The patient is undressed in underwear, without socks and jewellery. All parts of the musculoskeletal system and internal organs are diagnosed and gradually put in the right place to the maximum extent possible, as required by the patient’s state of health. If necessary, acupuncture is also applied.

Alternative Medicine


A medical report should be provided if a diagnosis related to health problems has been made, especially a description from an MRI or CT for spinal problems. In case of more serious health problems, it is advisable to write down on paper what everything hurts and when. It is necessary to take a shower before the therapy and do not apply anything – the skin should be dry.



at the site of the finding – advanced osteoporosis or tumour, unhealed wound, fracture less than 2 months old. An acute infectious disease, high fever, or condition that requires urgent medical treatment or hospitalization.


Everyone can undergo therapy – from babies to the oldest individuals. For patients over 100 years of age, we provide a 100% discount on the first treatment 🙂



It is suitable for all who are seriously trying to get things right and who want to be healthy so that they can live a dignified life without pain and unnecessary suffering. These individuals are understanding, patient, and indeed they will be fundamentally and long-term relieved.

It is not suitable for those who are trying to get rid of the strongest pain so that they can continue their devastating lifestyle. In these individuals, the therapy is much less effective, and even if it does, all the symptoms will return sooner or later (sometimes after a few days).

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