Dear friends,

I offer you all the opportunity to broaden your knowledge horizon and complete the interactive New Way Academy system. The academy is intended primarily for those who, to a certain extent, know the human body and the context of health, desire to be more useful and desire to learn to help others and themselves more.

We have no special requirements for participants, we accept all applicants who have an open heart and a great desire to learn something useful…

is a sophisticated therapeutic system that deals with the manual correction of individual joints into the correct position in a very sensitive and gentle way.

You can consider the New Way Academy to be a higher, spiritually deeper, technically more sophisticated and more developed School of Chiropractic.

I will show and explain to you the techniques I use in my practice as a New Way therapist and chiropractor. Each participant of the academy will have the role of patient and therapist.

Videos with techniques can be found in our account


During the New Way Academy, I will show you and explain about 70 techniques for correction of the spine and joints, you get acquainted with the techniques of visceral abdominal therapy, I show you important acupressure points and explain the system of ingeniously simple “hot needle” acupuncture. Teaching takes place in SLOVAK LANGUAGE.

If you are interested, we can also focus on the deeper spiritual context of health.


25. – 30. 05. 2021 occupied/ price 790 Eur

20. – 25. 07. 2021 occupied/ price 790 Eur

21. – 26. 09. 2021 free 8 from 10 /price 790 Eur/

We provide a discount of 100 Euros to graduates of our courses. The discount is valid for 2 years from the last course.

Accommodation and meals are not included in the price.

We register with the academy on the basis of a paid deposit of 300 Eur .



Liptovský Ján


Conference room “ATELIÉR” of Sorea hotel MÁJ.

The hotel has a sauna and a thermal 25 m pool with a water temperature of 26-29 degrees. In the summer season approx. from 15.06 to 15.09 there is also an outdoor thermal swimming pool next to the hotel open.

Hotel Máj


    ATTENTION: Details on payment of the deposit can be found HERE

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