NEW WAY Academy

How to help others and yourself


The interactive teaching of New Way Academy takes place from Tuesday to Sunday,

in which you will learn many techniques that I use in therapies. You can find more information about the content

of the academy on our website and our You Tube account.



Tuesday…………….. 09 30 – 14 00
Wednesday……………… 09 30 – 14 00
Thursday……………. 09 30 – 14 00

Friday………………… day

/Due to physical and mental demands, it is very necessary to have one whole day to rest /

Saturday……………. 09 30 – 14 00
Sunday……………. 09 00 – 13 00



Acupuncture set

Snacks – mineral water, tea, Caro, fruit, sweets and Anička’s cakes

Diagnosis and correction of the musculoskeletal system and internal organs

to each course participant – by mutual agreement

Script with image material and description of each diagnosis,

as to be commanded when performing therapy.

32 GB USB with film material from the event and a summary of all techniques lasting about 5 hours.


The price of New Way Academy is listed at the date of action.

A deposit of EUR 300 must be paid to the VUB account

IBAN : SK330200000000 2413508151 SWIFT(BIC) code: SUBASKBX


The deposit of  7800 Czk can be paid to the account of  FIO Banka CZ 2000820163/2010

Payment in Czech korunas will be recalculated on the day of payment

of the full amount according to the current NBS exchange rate / + 0.20 CZK exchange fee /.



These are my personal accounts, so pay the deposit from your personal account as well – I will give you the official document from the RP

for the full amount directly at the course.

Accommodation and meals are not included in the price.


Will I receive a certificate of graduation from the academy?

Yes, each participant will receive a certificate of completion in Slovak or English



What is the difference between a chiro – course, school and a New Way academy?

New Way Academy contains all techniques and therapeutic procedures from previous levels

but it also includes new and elaborate techniques and procedures on a much finer level. I will explain and show you 5 levels of therapy, in a way I use them.

In case of interest, new emphasis is placed on the development of graduates’ abilities to correctly determine the diagnosis and choose the best solution. You can find more about these deeper connections on our website.


Can I apply for a trade license on the basis of a certificate of completion?

No, this is only a supplementary education and the authorities in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic cannot issue a trade license on the basis of this certificate.