New Way terapist



Consultation of state of health and treatments directly on your clinic

Do you have a private clinic and would you like to provide superior care for your patients? Can´t you diagnose in large problems of patients with movement apparatus or internal organs?

Are you interested in technical solution of statics or function blockings?

If you contact us, you can expect a precise and serious diagnostic, that reveals errors invisible for the MRI or CT apparatus and the solution to given state at the world level.


Treatment of members of your family in a comfort of your home

Do you have health problems in your family and you want to really deal with them? Do you have a loved one, who suffers and your heart hurts and you can’t look at it? Do you live far, or is any of you non-mobile and you can’t come to us?

In case of serious interest, we will evaluate the state of the patient and the possibilities of its solutions that are available, in order to everyone, you care for, lived in a dignified life. It is mainly about those cases that are unsolvable yet, and no doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor can help them at least ease – our work and New Way Treatment is often “the last hope” for real relief.


Treatment of members of your family in a comfort of your home

Do you have a successful business and you care about your employees’ health? Do you need your top management and top professionals of your business available?

Do you miss your important people for a long time because of chronic pain or health problems and you can´t replace them?

We will provide you with an evaluation and really effective solution to the state of health of your employees at the top-level – you can count on it.

It is mainly about those cases that are seemingly unsolvable – we are specialists for it.


Consultations and solution of health difficulties of members of your sports club.

Do you have athletes in the club who have repeating injuries and constantly missing you to the line-up, or cannot get from health problems for a long time? Are you interested in determining the diagnosis, why is it so, and a real solution to these serious states?

We will be very pleased to help and provide top care of your charges to have them available when you need them. It is mainly about those cases that are long-standing and seemingly unsolvable – this is work for us.