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I have been educating and working as a professional therapist for years, and during my practice I have either improved or created new unique techniques and therapeutic procedures. In my opinion, this sophisticated world-class system deserves a special name – this is how the NEW WAY system was born, dear friends…

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who is it and how can he help?

The word chiropractor, or more precisely chiropractic, has its origin in the Greek word chiropraxis and can be understood as “Therapy, which is performed by hands”. Chiropractic, or correction, has a thousand-year tradition around the world. The pioneer of modern chiropractic was Daniel David Palmer at the beginning of the 20th century, who was also a kind of medical philosopher of the time in the USA. He was not afraid of innovative solutions or their implementation in practice. He observed that the body had a natural ability to heal itself, believing that it was controlled by the nervous system. He also correctly assumed that if the organ did not receive a normal supply of impulses from the nerves, it could become ill and needed to be repaired.

A chiropractor or New Way therapist of today’s modern age uses manipulative or non-manipulative techniques, corrects joints, vertebrae of the spine – some top experts also internal organs. In this way, it gradually eliminates pain, corrects joint mobility and proper body function. Therapy should be performed by a person who knows the human locomotor system very well, is educated, sensitive and has enough experience and knowledge about the proper functioning of the human body.


When do I need him and how do I choose him?

When do I need him and how do I choose him?

Pain in the spine and joints of the body is in most cases caused by dislocation / displacement of the joint from the correct position /. Whether it is the vertebrae of the spine, where the most common diagnoses are protrusion, hernia or bulge of the intervertebral disc, or hip joints, knees, shoulders, elbows or wrists, in all these and many other cases, a skilled therapist can miraculously help.

So, which one is the right one?

Recently, thanks to the New Way Academy, the number of therapists in this area has increased significantly. It is up to each patient to involve their own inner feelings and, based on an online presentation, videos and personal recommendations, assess the therapist’s level of education and expertise. So, he can choose which one will be the right one and which will help him and not hurt him. Personally, I consider myself a New Way therapist rather than a chiropractor – I consider it to be a higher-order level of expertise that can be achieved in this field.


What can I help you in most?

I specialize in dealing with the most difficult conditions that no doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist or anyone else can deal with. I am able to make a diagnosis that no one else can make, especially when a person has pain and health problems, even though all the tests are in order. I also specialize in determining the need for surgery, especially for scoliosis, joint replacement and spinal surgery.

If you have health problems that affect the musculoskeletal system or internal organs and you are trying to solve them, you can use our services.

Hip, coxarthrosis - pain in the groin

Solving hip pain, problems with walking. Hip repair up to coxarthrosis III. degree without the need for surgery. Assessing the need for hip surgery.

Spine - pelvis -

A comprehensive view and a fundamental solution to severe, painful and systemic disorders and diseases of the spine and vertebrae. Repair of your rotated pelvis and painful coccyx.

Shoulder - frozen - painful

Correction of the shoulder and everything needed in the system - this therapeutic procedure achieves considerable pain relief and adjustment of momentum.

Elbow - tennis, golf - painful

Targeted and sensitive solution to the painful elbow. Unique therapeutic procedures for correcting all elbow bones to the right position.

Respiration, bronchial
asthma and allergies

Relaxation of breathing is very often achieved by correcting the thoracic vertebra or one of the ribs, or by loosening the diaphragm

Giddiness, vertigo,

It is most often necessary to replace Atlas /1. cervical vertebra/ or some other cervical vertebra to eliminate this unpleasant symptom. This is possible when vertigo is caused by blockage.

Abdominal pain, menstrual pain, digestion, excretion and others

Most often, these symptoms can be corrected by correcting the structures in the abdomen in the correct positions and releasing their patency.

Jaw, mandible, trigeminal nerve - swelling of the face

By correcting the mandible to the correct position, the attack of the trigeminal nerve is removed. This solves the pain of the mandible, ears or teeth without decay.

Ankle - long-term painful after injury or fracture

In the case of a painful ankle, it is necessary to check and repair the bones of the ankle itself, but also the instep bones, which are often the cause of long-term pain

Wrist - carpal tunnel syndrome

Care must be taken here to correct the wrist bones in the correct positions, often also the wrist bones and elbow bones, so that all the statics of the hand is in order

Deviated big toe, hallux valgus, hammer-toes

Solve big toe problems by correcting the big toe bones, head bones and ankle bones. Solution of painful postoperative conditions.

Scoliosis, hyperlordosis, hyperkyphosis, posture

A very effective solution for scoliosis of children but also of adults. With this solution, it is necessary to put into proper statics all parts of the spine, pelvis, coccyx, hip joints and scapula. Advice the need for scoliosis surgery for children.

Knee, gonarthrosis - osteoarthritis of the knee cartilage, baker's cyst

Solution and repair of a painful knee or calf. Repair the statics of the foot and repair the bones of the knee and all other bones and joints in this system. Advice on the suitability of knee surgery.

Migraine, headache, insomnia

Migraines or persistent headaches can usually be eliminated by loosening and correcting the cervical spine, mandible and loosening internal organs - especially the stomach. Addressing hormonal system dysfunction as a cause of insomnia.

Our advantages



Individual and safe solutions with regard to age and health



Sensitive, gentle and friendly approach from ordering to therapy



Quality based on study and many years of experience also on its own



Express time when ordering for treatment - up to 24 hours

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